Emergency 7: Over-Reactive Steering
In an urgent situation, your goal is to move the steering wheel rapidly but smoothly. Jerking the wheel may cause your tires to lose traction. If rough steering causes the rear tires to lose traction, you might go for a spin. Turning the same amount but doing so smoothly will introduce the tires to the request for cornering force and avoid overwhelming them.

Here's an example of why you don't want to be a steering jerk: On a recent rainy evening in the mountains of Virginia, I suddenly came upon a truck tire tread in my lane. The dark, water-filled wagon-wheel ruts were perfect camouflage for the giant black road gator. I calmly and smoothly turned the wheel just enough to miss 80 pounds of steel-reinforced rubber, paused an instant to allow the tires to regain full grip, and then smoothly turned right to return to my lane. If I had snapped the wheel back and forth, there's a good chance I would have wound up in the ditch.

 by , Contributor at edmunds.com