How To Survive 10 Driving Emergencies by , Contributor at

Emergency 1: The Accident You Don't See Coming
The best way to survive an accident is not to get into one. Start by accepting responsibility for everything that happens when you're in the driver seat. If there's a wreck, you are not an accident victim, but instead an accident participant. It is your job, therefore, to avoid red-light runners, an oncoming driver making a left turn in front of you, sudden freeway jam-ups and those drivers who are composing text messages as they travel the freeway.

See problems before they become emergencies by looking far ahead, while using your peripheral vision to keep position in your lane. Here's how to ensure that you're looking far enough ahead: Use a dry-erase marker to draw a horizontal line on your windshield that crosses just under your pupils. On level ground, you should rarely look below that line. In tight traffic, look through the windshield of the vehicle ahead, or position your car a few inches to that driver's left to see brake lights ahead of him.

Process what you see. When the brake lights of all the cars ahead of you flash, something is happening ahead. Slow down.