With all of the rain coming, we consulted the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration at NHTSA.gov  for safe driving tips during flooding.

    What you should know
    • Watch for flooding conditions any time there has been heavy rain or snow melt, even in places where water does not usually accumulate. If the ground is saturated, flooding may occur even if there is not heavy rain or significant snow melt.
    • Water can come from torrential rains somewhere else and cause flash floods. It may not even be raining where you are.
    • NEVER go through water on the road, whether it is standing or moving. Don?t take risks. Even if you are familiar with the roads, don?t drive through water on the roads. You can?t see the danger. There may be debris, tree branches, power lines in the water. The roadway or bridges may have been washed away.
    What you should do

    Before you drive
    • Check the weather report, where you are and upstream. Listen for news reports of storms or a flash flood watch or warning.
    On your route
    • Stop.
    • Seek high ground.
    • Call Dispatch and request assistance.